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Claim Your Rebate.

Claiming your rebate is simple, fill out the form below and Moneymove will reach out to take care of you! 


1. Tell the buildings that you go into or speak to that you found them from Moneymove Locating (DO NOT FORGET)! This is easier if you let your locator reach out for you!

2. List us on your application under the "Locator" section as the referral source. 

3. Fill out this form and be sure to keep your locator in the loop on which buildings you intend to go see, regardless of if it's on your apartment search or not. 

4. Collect your rebate or 2 hour move, ask your agent when this will be paid out or how to setup your movers they will take care of you!

Sometimes your agent needs to call the building before you do, no matter which building you like make sure you let your agent know before you contact them. This will allow us to secure your rebate with the building by letting them know that you are our client! 

Let's do this thing. 

Thanks for submitting!

Rebate Details:

  • “Moneymove Locating” must be listed as your sole referral source on the guest card and application when you apply for the apartment.

  • Must meet pre-registration requirements set forth by the apartment. Please notify your locator prior to visiting communities so that in the event that they require pre-registration your locator is able to fulfill this requirement.

  • The rebate is not to exceed 10% of the payment made by your building to Moneymove Locating unless otherwise specified by your apartment locator.

  • The amount paid to Moneymove is typically the net effective average monthly rent after all specials offered by the building.

  • The apartment community must pay Moneymove Locating a locator service fee of no less than 50% of one month’s rent to qualify for a rebate or move credit.

  • The claim rebate form must be filled out within 15 days of your move in date unless you have spoken to your apartment locator to confirm that a lease has been signed.

  • If for any reason a property does not agree to pay Moneymove Locating a locator service fee this will constitute a retraction of your rebate/move credit offer in full.

  • If Moneymove Locating is going to pay for your move, we will only be covering a pre-paid amount and any additional moving costs are to be covered in full by the client that is using our services.

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